This Week in Pictures

A week ago today, we were doing field work and the very next day we were pushing snow.  I'm not sure who is more confused with this winter's weather . . . our cattle or our kids.  One day my kids are able to go with jackets only and the very next day their mean … Continue reading This Week in Pictures


Life Lessons on the Farm

When you raise livestock, the circle of life is always in front of you.  Calving season in particular brings the miracle of birth and the reality of death front and center.  Unfortunately, the past week has been a little heavy on the latter. If you remember, a few posts back, I wrote about a heifer … Continue reading Life Lessons on the Farm

Uneducated & Brilliant

Generally speaking, farmers are uneducated.  And yet they are the most brilliant people I know.  (Someday, I'll talk about how stubborn they are too.) If you were to ask the average farmer what their highest level of education is, they would most likely check the box that says "high school education."  It is a bit … Continue reading Uneducated & Brilliant

Farmers Are Rich

People often see the high dollar equipment that farmers have, the number of acres they farm, the size of their sheds or grain bin systems and think they must be rich.  It's understandable that you would think that.  After all, none of us can fully know something if we're not involved with it or experienced … Continue reading Farmers Are Rich

Presidents’ Day

In honor of Presidents' Day, here are some quotes from past presidents about agriculture that are still so relevant today.  God bless the USA and the farmers that provide for us all. "You know, I’ve always thought that when we Americans get up in the morning, when we see bacon, eggs, toast, and milk on … Continue reading Presidents’ Day