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Hi there!  I am Laura Blomme (sounds like “Bloom”) and I’m a Southern Illinois farmer’s daughter turned Iowa farm wife and mother to three princesses.  Through this blog, I hope to connect with you about food, farming and this crazy thing called life.  My passions are faith, family and farming, in that order.

What’s up with the name?  My maiden name was Cooper and up until I moved to Iowa to marry a handsome farm boy, I was known as “Coop.”  The Blomme’n Coop symbolizes me (Coop) opening up (blomme’n; blooming) about our family farm and the joys and struggles of life.

Most people today do not have a direct connection to a farm so it’s easy to see why so many questions about farming practices and food production have arisen in recent years.  My hope with this blog is to give you an inside look at what a modern day, family farm looks like.  You’re going to find that it’s a combination of old and new.  We use the latest technologies but haven’t forgotten how to use our backs.  We’re always looking into the future but never forget the values of the past.

I am most passionate about the lives that farmers lead and I believe there is such beauty in their humble, honest and hard-working lifestyle.  I hope to shed some light on these amazing people that I cherish most, our American farmers.  Our barn doors are always open and I welcome anyone and everyone to ask questions and learn more about our farm which ultimately ends up as the food on your table.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I would love to hear from you.  Email me directly: or find me on social media at:  Facebook @theblommencoop, Twitter @BlommeLaura and Instagram theblommencoop

*Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I would love to follow your blog. Met your aunt Denise in Pensacola. We are now FB friends and I saw your blog on there. Thanks

  2. I am enjoying your blog. Denise is married to my cousin Ric. We farm near Cherokee.

  3. Hi Laura,
    My name is Autumn Dodd, neighbor to some of your family’s cows 🙂
    Ken gave me a little tour of the pig and cow barns today, as I was eager to learn a little bit more about the farms that are so close by but I know so little about!
    He mentioned your blog to me, and I have already enjoyed reading several articles… you are a talented writer and l love reading all of the great info on farming.
    I teach first grade at HLV, so I hear I’ll get to see Laney in preschool soon!
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

  4. This is wonderful and I share with my 4 grandkids agenda 14,12,9 and 6.

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