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Weaning My First Calf

img_3861A few weeks ago now, my oldest daughter started four-year-old preschool.  I thought it would be pretty anti-climatic and, for all intensive purposes, it was.  But it also felt like the moment she walked into that classroom, the last four years were just suddenly gone, as if I hadn’t seen that moment coming at all.

One of my favorite things to do on our farm is to watch mama cows take care of their calves.  When I became a mom myself, I somehow related to those big ole girls on a whole new level.  Cows and moms pretty much look the same when they’re being protective of their young:  wide eyed, ears perked and ready to pounce on anyone and anything that might harm their babe.

I felt like a first-calf heifer dropping Laney off at preschool.  Tightly holding her hand as we walked into the school (wondering how much longer she would let me hold her hand), scoping out the new surroundings, discretely sniffing her hair because I wouldn’t smell her scent again for hours . . . wide eyed, ears perked and ready to pounce.

When you have little kids, everyone tells you to enjoy them because it goes so fast.  You can’t imagine how true that is until you’re going through it yourself.  I don’t want to spend my entire motherhood feeling sad that it’s going fast and my kids are growing up.  But this little milestone has brought a lot of perspective.

I can’t take back the stressed out mom moments from the last four years but I can try to reduce them moving forward.  Before my next little calf goes off to school, I want to focus on the priceless, little moments . . . the stress relieving sound of giggles, the squeezer hugs around my neck and the sweet voices asking me each night to lay with them for one more minute.

Wishing you greener pastures as you grow my sweet Laney Bug.


  1. Laura, awesome read! Brought tears to my eyes.
    You are an amazing mom.

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