Your Future Bacon

We welcomed 400 piglets to our farm tonight.  These little fellas came from a nursery in Arkansas and weigh about thirteen pounds.  They will live in our hog confinement barn until they reach market weight in about five months.

This video shows the piglets coming off of the semi trailer.

Here the pigs are checking out their new home and testing the feeders and waterers.

img_1757The first thing that needs to be done after receiving baby pigs is sorting them by size.  The ten biggest and ten smallest pigs in each pin will get sorted off and put in separate pins with other piglets of like sizes.  The reason for this is we want to level the playing field and reduce competition among the pigs so that the smallest pigs don’t get pushed out by the bigger pigs.

We will vaccinate these pigs within the next day or two and then again in a couple of weeks.  Any pig that gets sick will be sorted off and put in the “sick pin” where it will receive extra monitoring and care.

img_1755This picture on the left shows a brooder heater hanging from the ceiling.  Brooder heaters are propane heaters that provide direct heat over the rubber mats on the floor to give the pigs a very warm place to lay.  When they get all settled into their new home, they will pile on top of each other underneath these brooder heaters as they love the warmth.

These pigs will ultimately end up being the bacon and pork chops on your plate.  But in the meantime, we take our responsibility of caring for them very seriously and will work hard to provide them a safe, healthy life.


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