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This video is from our hog confinement barn tonight.  I think you’ll find this footage quite . . . well . . . boring.

Nothing like the image that some individuals and organizations portray or want you to believe of hog confinement barns.  This video does not show any pigs being beaten.  No one is getting zapped, slapped, kicked or prodded.  There are no malnourished or stressed out pigs.  No bloody or wounded pigs being chewed on.  Just a pretty calm Friday night with healthy, well cared for pigs who seem a bit annoyed at being woken up by me.

I will admit these fellas don’t smell the greatest but, thankfully for you, you can’t smell them through the video.

It is true that there are farmers out there who do not take care of their animals properly or respectfully.  But they are few and far between.  They certainly do not represent the rest of farmers who take their responsibility of animal husbandry very seriously.  There are bad apples in any industry all across this world.  But it’s important you know that they are not the norm in farming.

On our farm, we are committed to raising healthy, sustainable pork for my family and yours.

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  1. Excellent portrayal of how it really is!

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