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Calving Update

If you watched the video I posted last week of the calf being born (Labor & delivery . . . on the farm),  you might be curious to know how that calf is doing by now.  She is now at one of our other farms with the rest of the cow/calf pairs and is doing really well.


The calf that was born last week in the video from Labor & delivery . . . on the farm with her mama in the background watching on.

Daddy had his supervisors with him tonight to make sure he was on top of things.


I want to keep it real and show the good along with the bad.  The mama in the photo below is not doing so well tonight.  She’s having a hard time recovering from labor and is not standing very well.  Because she’s not standing well, her calf is not able to nurse as often as he needs to.  So, we’ll need to keep a very close eye on this pair in the next 24 hours.  If the calf is not getting enough milk, we will need to bottle feed him and then try to rehab the heifer back to full strength.


This mama is having a hard time recovering from labor and is getting a much needed drink of water here.


  1. Keeping it real. There is no sugar coating in farming. Hope for the best.

  2. I am a farm girl who became a cardiac nurse.
    Calving season brings me back to help, check the herd after 5pm, call my brother to pull a calf, cry if it dies.
    I am brave and strong for human life, educated and knowledgeable to help your parent during a crisis. However, I feel so helpless with these animals in trouble and overjoyed with a successful birth. Thanks to God or a higher power.
    Love, love, love this calf season. And experienced Vets and farmers.

  3. Marynel Tibbles

    March 3, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Always loved calving season!! The calves were soo cute!!! We had an awesome vet – Dr. VanZee!! Sometimes we even had twins!!!

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