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A Farmer’s Hands


Every set of hands tells a story.  Where they have been, what they have done, how hard they have worked, how old they are . . .

There is a special story behind a farmer’s hands.

These hands show a lifetime of tireless work through freezing temperatures and unbearable heat.  These hands have fixed countless hours of fence, wrenched on machinery, thawed frozen waterers, cleaned grain bins, pulled calves, hammered hundreds of nails, scooped manure, steered tractors for hours on end, welded gates and dug in the soil.  They have been smashed, stomped, pinched, bruised, blistered, cut and burnt ten times over.  They even smell like work.

These hands have held children and grandchildren, wiped away tears, fixed broken toys, held little hands, pushed strollers and wiped runny noses.  They have faithfully made the sign of the cross and then folded in prayer through joys and struggles.

These hands are a symbol of pride and strength.  Every scar and knot resembles a work ethic that won’t quit.  They represent humility, integrity and everything that is so honorable about farming.  And yet they never ask for credit or recognition.  Ever.

These hands are quick to lend help to someone in need.  Yet slow to point a finger at anyone else.  They do not hesitate to reach into their pocket or take the shirt off their back for their neighbor.  They wave with friendliness at everyone that passes because that’s what we do in a small farming community.

There aren’t many hands that look like this anymore.  There aren’t many hands that work like this anymore.  Through their actions, these hands have set an example for generations to come without ever saying a word.

They say you can tell a lot by shaking a person’s hand.  If you were to shake these hands, you would know the strength they have, the stress they have endured and the faith they hold on to.  Thank goodness for farmers’ hands that are willing to work so hard to help feed us all.



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  1. So well said!!

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