Labor & delivery . . . on the farm


Today was a great day on the Blomme farm.  It was over 70 degrees . . . in February . . . in Iowa.  We successfully pulled a healthy calf and even caught it on video to boot.

Here is some footage of my father-in-law and husband pulling the calf from this heifer (first time mom).  Heifers need a little extra attention and monitoring versus a more seasoned cow who has been through this process a few times.  This particular heifer had been laboring for quite a while and needed some help to get the job done.  This was definitely a happy ending!

The next video is showing the heifer’s first look at her calf once we let her out of the head gate.  She took to the calf right away and started cleaning it up which is always a great sign.  It looks like she is going to be a good mother.

Here’s hoping for more warm, sunny days and healthy baby calves!  Thanks for watching.


3 thoughts on “Labor & delivery . . . on the farm

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