Calving Update

If you watched the video I posted last week of the calf being born (Labor & delivery . . . on the farm),  you might be curious to know how that calf is doing by now.  She is now at one of our other farms with the rest of the cow/calf pairs and is doing … Continue reading Calving Update


Farmers Are Rich

People often see the high dollar equipment that farmers have, the number of acres they farm, the size of their sheds or grain bin systems and think they must be rich.  It's understandable that you would think that.  After all, none of us can fully know something if we're not involved with it or experienced … Continue reading Farmers Are Rich

Presidents’ Day

In honor of Presidents' Day, here are some quotes from past presidents about agriculture that are still so relevant today.  God bless the USA and the farmers that provide for us all. "You know, I’ve always thought that when we Americans get up in the morning, when we see bacon, eggs, toast, and milk on … Continue reading Presidents’ Day

Calving season has begun!

Calving season has begun on the Blomme Farm!  The combination of new life and the abnormally warm weather we are having makes it feel like spring is right around the corner.  The picture above shows the first two calves of the season which were born three days ago. This little red head, pictured above, was … Continue reading Calving season has begun!

The way to the heart is through the stomach.

You may have celebrated Valentine's Day with a juicy steak this evening.  I know that's the way to this farm girl's heart.  Let's talk about the steps involved in getting that steak from our farm to your table. Today we sold a couple of loads of Holsteins.  They were hauled to a JBS processing plant … Continue reading The way to the heart is through the stomach.

A Farmer’s Hands

Every set of hands tells a story.  Where they have been, what they have done, how hard they have worked, how old they are . . . There is a special story behind a farmer's hands. These hands show a lifetime of tireless work through freezing temperatures and unbearable heat.  These hands have fixed countless … Continue reading A Farmer’s Hands

If you plant it, they will grow.

It may be early February but we are thinking spring on the Blomme farm.  Spring is always very exciting because it's a fresh start filled with optimism for the year.  The smell of black dirt, the sight of baby calves jumping and kicking and the sound of tractors roaring as field work begins.  Planting season … Continue reading If you plant it, they will grow.