Drink Up!

Last week, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled against the Des Moines Water Works lawsuit which targets three counties in Iowa (and more specifically, farming practices) for nitrate contamination in the water supply.  (http://www.agriculture.com/news/crops/iowa-supreme-court-rules-against-des-moines-water-works-in-lawsuit) I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk about some things we are doing on our farm to help manage … Continue reading Drink Up!


New Girls in Town

Earlier this week, my husband decided that he needed even more females in his life . . . living with four women just wasn't enough.  He and his dad purchased some Red Angus bred heifers from Nebraska which we received on Sunday.  My husband actually found these beauties through a video on Facebook.  Social media … Continue reading New Girls in Town

Less is More (Sometimes)

Let's talk about something super exciting - fertility.  No, not the kind that makes babies (not that kind of show, folks).  Soil fertility! There has been a lot of attention, especially in Iowa, on water quality and more specifically, nitrate loss in streams and rivers.  From a farmer's perspective, we have every incentive to keep … Continue reading Less is More (Sometimes)